Art Literacy

Art Literacy is an entirely volunteer-run program consisting of volunteers who work with classrooms to give a visual presentation on an artist, which is then followed by a hands-on art project with the students. The classroom teacher remains present during the presentation. There are six different lessons presented for students this year.

Why art literacy?

  • Helps students to think creatively and problem solve, both which prepare them for the future.

  • Helps students learn how to observe; something naturalists, climatologists, writers and doctors need to know how to do.

  • Encourages students to form mental images; an ability chemists, engineers, architects, designers and investors use to think up new ideas.

  • Celebrates many perspectives. Students learn to value diverse views and cultures, something ever important in a global society.

  • Helps students realize there are many ways to see and interpret the world.

  • Has the unique ability to communicate ideas and emotions of the human spirit, connecting us to our history, traditions and heritage.

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2018-2019 lessons

For 2018-2019, we’re concentrating on Shape, Space & Form while we explore the art of:

Eric Carle – October

Diego Velazquez – November/December

Grant Wood – January

Jennifer Bartlett – February/March

René Magritte – April

Pueblos – Family Art Literacy Night – May 10th 6:30-8 pm

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get involved

Volunteers are trained for every lesson they teach by Montclair’s Art Literacy coordinators: Dana Bradshaw, Kelley Stine and Dana Atwood. The program’s curriculum is based on more than 100 artists, including European masters, renowned American artists and some living, local artists. No art background is required and all materials are provided.