October 2014 Newsletter

October is an exciting time for all of us at Montclair. The children are just getting into their new routine and teachers are hitting their stride. On the PTO Board, we eagerly anticipate two very popular events, the Fun Run on Friday, October 17 and the Harvest Fest on Thursday, October 30.

We are so grateful for Donna Kerr and her team for organizing the Fun Run fundraiser! Your kids may have shared that Montclair’s Hawkeye, “Monty” and a few parents came to the school assembly to talk about the Fun Run. It is going to be an exciting, motivating event and if you would like to come and cheer on the children, please join us! This is one of our two major fundraisers of the year—if every student gets 5 pledges of $10 each, we’ll be half way to our yearly fundraising goal!

We also need to give a huge shout out to Mindy Gray and Kelly Layman who have offered to chair the Harvest Fest this year. This is truly one of the most anticipated events for the kids. We are so grateful to have this team collaborating to reinvent it. Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities for this event.

The PTO Board would also like to thank every parent who has taken time to come into the school and volunteer this year already. Montclair is an amazing, community school that thrives on parent support. We all benefit from these volunteers who help our children and teachers in immeasurable ways. If you haven’t had a chance to come volunteer, please reach out to your teacher or email Ali at MontclairPTOs@gmail.com for opportunities.

Parent Alexis Bennett is interested in organizing an after-school child care program here at Montclair. She needs only 8 children to get it going. If you are interested, please contact the PTO and we'll put you in touch with Alexis.

One last note...we’re in the process of creating the student directory. All students will be included. But, if you’d prefer to have your students’ information omitted from the directory, an email went out from Karen Waldum with the opt-out form (due Oct. 10), or you can get one in the office. Thank you!

We look forward to seeing you at the Fun Run and Harvest Fest!


Help Wanted: Volunteer Coordinator Position

The PTO Board has an opening for Volunteer Coordinator. If you are interested in the position, please contact any PTO member or email us at: MontclairPTOs@gmail.com. Voting will take place at the next PTO meeting on October 16.


Personalized volunteer name badges are available! If you’ve volunteered in the past, check in the bins for yours - it might be there already. If you want one and don’t see one with your name on it, leave your name on the list and we’ll have one for you in the name tag bin within a week. Alternatively, there are ones with no names you can wear.

Montclair PTO