Auction Newsletter #2

Our Auction is fast approaching!

April 25, 2015  |  6:00-11:00pm  |  Multnomah Arts Center


Purchase tickets by Monday, April 20 and get an extra drink ticket FREE!

New this year at the Auction we will be having a Dessert Dash competition! Each table will pool their donations from the table members. The table with the highest amount given will get a 10 sec head start to send one table member to dash to the dessert table and pick their table’s dessert.  The table with the second highest amount goes second, and so on down the line. Sounds SWEEEET! If you are unable to attend the auction, consider donating a dessert that serves 10! Please contact CarolAnne Tsai at: to donate.

White or Red? Or maybe both? Returning to the auction this year: The Montclair Wine Wall! We sold out last year, let’s do it again:
Step 1: Come to the auction
Step 2: Donate $15 to the wall
Step 3: Take your pick from the mystery bottles (valued at $15+)
Step 4: Go home with good wine!

How can you help? Donate a bottle or two of wine valued at $15 or more! Contact Cindy Badon: Donations of wine cannot be brought to school, but we can pick them up or let you know where to drop it off! Cheers!

Unable to attend our auction this year? We’ll miss you...but you can still get in on the donating action! Help us make sure our budget for next year is covered by contributing online–our goal this year is to raise $30,000 from the auction!

Just go to our auction website listed below, click on Purchases, and select the amount you’d like to donate. Please? and Thank you!

Check out our growing catalog of items! Make a donation! Buy your tickets!

Montclair PTO