Lost and Found

The lost and found duties increase or decrease depending on the quantity of clothes left on school grounds. 

To keep the lost and found rack tidy requires at least two visits a week to hang up coats, fold clothes and look for names in/on articles (15-30 minutes per visit), and deliver articles to children/classrooms. This is best done in the morning as in the afternoon many kids come to collect articles left throughout the day.

Items unclaimed are donated to the Beaverton School District Clothes Closet as often is necessary/desired. To send clothing to the Beaverton School District Clothes Closet, requires about $10 (reimbursed by the PTO) and 3 hours of time to launder the clothing at a laundromat, as the Clothes Closet requests the clothing be freshly laundered. Laundry needed to be done 3 times in 2014-2015. ($30 and 9 hours)  

The Clothes Closet will not accept anything with a stain, rip or broken zipper, so those need to be sorted out. It is best to deliver clothes to the Clothes Closet during open hours on Wednesdays, because if they are deposited in the bins outside, they won't know if they have been laundered or not and will put them in the "to be washed" pile.

For more expensive items, they can be consigned depending on coordinator(s) desire to do that, one option is locally owned Spanky’s Consignment, and give the proceeds to the PTO.

The remaining clothing that is ripped, stained or with broken zippers can be put in the Gemtex bin outside of the school, which earns a small amount of money for the school. 

At the end of the year, all clothing and other items need to be removed from the rack.