Montclair PTO Meeting Minutes – 7:00 pm – April 16, 2015

Location: Montclair library

Called to order by PTO President Cindy Badon at 7:15 pm.

Notes from March were approved.

Minutes are posted in the hallway a few days after the meeting, on the website, and linked on our Facebook page.


Mr. Leverty Principal’s Message:

Allocations came in for staffing. Initially the allocations were below what we would like, they reduced our allocations, but after I let the staff know that, we additionally got a couple more allocated positions. I am happy to say that everyone in building now will have a position next year...we won't be losing any staff members.

Q from Kelly Layman: Will 2nd grade have 2 classes next year?

A from Sean Leverty: Yes, they are the smallest class. There will be movement among the staff...there will be a position for everyone, but that doesn't mean they will be teaching what they are now.


Q from Kelley Stine: We are not hiring a new Kinder teacher?

A from Sean Leverty: Correct.

I'll be announcing the staffing next week.

Also, next year we will be increasing counseling to a full time position in every elementary.

Q from Jessica Fryer: All our staff are guaranteed a staff position, not necessarily a teaching position. When fall comes and we have a boom of kids, will we have an assessment again?

A from Sean Leverty: They always reevaluate in August and again on October 1.


Amanda Elliott, Teacher Liason:

We appreciate all you on behalf of all the teachers.

The kids are excited about the art project.

The staff lunches are coming soon and we really look forward to it. Thank you in advance for that.

We are having our garden work party on Friday, April 24th from 10-3pm (teachers will be available at 12:30) whoever would like to come is welcome. There was info in the Hawkeye on who to contact.

The second work party is May 2, building the actual boxes and getting the dirt.


We're excited about it, we're planting the seed starts...

 Q from Cindy Badon: Can we put specific helping shift in Help Counter?

A from Amanda Elliott: Yes. (Someone from 2nd grade team should email shifts to CarolAnne)


Comment from Sean Leverty: I want to give kudos to the volunteers who have been working with the artist and the kids. It's been a really positive experience for the kids

Comment from Kelley Stine: I've been taking photos of the stones to put in the yearbook.

Comment from Renn Sanderman: If there are any concerns about how the project went for your child, please contact one of the art lit coordinators.


Q from Robynn Schillace: Is there money from ground butification to fix the path from Arranmore? It's very muddy and needs a path of gravel...

A from Cindy Badon: Yes, we have the money, but we would need people to volunteer to do it. We have $462 left in the grounds budget for this year.

Robynn will head that effort.


Jessica Fryer, Vice President:

We had a fantastic Spring Fling. We had 2 photo booths. We paid for the digital pictures of the photos. I'll give access to the photos for the Yearbook committee. I'm going to give the code to Karen to provide to the parents. If parents don't have email, they can get the code from Karen.

Once you have the link, you can look through all the photos and print or download the photos.

Our fundraising fell a little short, which seems like the theme for the year. It's not that our families aren't generous; it is just a downward economic trend. We are looking into different fundraising options for next year.

Spring Fling earned about $3500 (approx.. from Kelley Stine)

Scholastic earned $7000, more than last year (we get books from Scholastic based on sales)

Party Like A Big Kid is on the same night as one of our Sensational Signups. There is still space. We might have the sign up for this at the auction as well.

CarolAnne Tsai is nominated to the Volunteer Coordinator for 2015-16.


Ali Van Camp, Volunteer Coordinator:

Auction Update: 59 tickets sold so far. I am going to keep asking and posting for people to buy their tickets. All the last minute stuff, trying to finish up the catalog...I am encouraging everyone to get online and look through the catalog.

We still need people to buy tickets!

Q: Is there going to be an online auction?

A from Ali Van Camp: Last year the online items didn't go for very much, so we've decided that we probably won't do online, but we might have proxy bidding. Right now that's the plan. Depending on how ticket sales go, Robert might change his mind?

 Robert Van Camp has agreed to chair the auction next year.


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

We need volunteers for the auction. We need help with check in and check out.

* check your email for the Help Counter link!

Field Day will be coming up so we'll need volunteers. Still waiting on the date from PE teacher.

Staff Appreciation Lunches - Begin next week.


Kelley Stine, Treasurer:

 I’m sorry I don't have the budget report due to the stepping stone project.

Not much has happened since last month. We did get:

$168 Valley Theater ticket sales

$55.70 Scrip

 Haven't crunched numbers for Spring Fling yet but I will soon.

We'll post those as soon as we can on the website.


Budget Committee: We want to plan next year after the auction numbers come in. The budget committee will meet the week of May 11. We'll post the budget hopefully by May 18 so we can vote on it at the May PTO meeting on May 21.

 Art Lit Update:

 Q from Cindy Badon: Have you talked about not doing one of the last two art lit projects. For the volunteers sake and the kids' sake, perhaps we can eliminate that?

A from Kelley Stine: We have thought about it...we'll do what we can.


Q from Mr. Leverty: If we have supplies maybe we could do an after school club?

A from Kelley Stine: Yes perhaps?

 Dana Bradshaw, Wendy Pringle, Kelley Stine, Renn Sanderman have been doing work after hours for the stepping stone project, THANK YOU!

Comment from Renn Sanderman: In honor of Earth Day, next week the kids will get to go through and see the stepping stones – they are on the stage drying. Most of them will be out and it will be about 10 minutes, but all the kids will get to see they work we've done.



Comment from Jessica Fyer:  OBOB - participants will be receiving their medals at the assembly at 8:30 am Thursday, April 23.


Q from Kelly Layman: Mornings for Mom (Thursday, May 7) Are there enough volunteers?

A from Ali Van Camp: Yes, Tim Garey is in charge and will take care of everything.


Meeting adjorned at 8:12 pm






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