Montclair PTO Meeting Minutes – 7:00 pm – February 26, 2015

 Location: Montclair library

Called to order by PTO President Cindy Badon at 7:04 pm.

Notes from February were approved.

Minutes are posted in the hallway a few days after the meeting, on the website, and linked on our Facebook page.


Mr. Leverty Principal’s Message:

 Follow up to the topic that Jessica Fryer asked me to look into. I’ve been in touch with Mr. Persons, the principal from Whitford and we are finalizing a date in April to have 5th grade parents who are interested in meeting with Mr. Persons to talk about: 1. How we can work more closely with parent and student transitions to Whitford, and 2. What opportunities are at Whitford for parents and students to partake in? It will open up a dialogue with the kids about what they can expect at Whitford.


Q from Alice Murphy: Why is this meeting necessary?

A from Sean Leverty: The parents don’t always know what’s in store for middle school. It makes sense for our school and Whitford to have a more collaborative approach with our relationship since I get asked questions from parents and I don’t have answers.

Also another follow up issue related to after school clubs.  I put an initial inquiry out to staff, met with them and discussed logistics and interest. In order to do an academic reading and academic math at grades 3, 4 and 5…that’s 6 clubs right there, and any other interest based clubs, at least 10 teachers would have to come forward and have interest in planning and teaching. Initial inquiry was about 4 staff members…my gut feeling is that we may not have after school clubs this year, but perhaps we can try next year. I apologize for planning it so late.


Q from Renn Sanderman: Is there a potential buy-in for other staff? Do they not think it’s necessary?

A from Sean Leverty: I think staff would agree that it’s necessary, but this is a very busy time for the teachers so it’s really essentially bad timing to be asking them to do this now. But yes, everyone feels that it’s important.


Q from Andrea Foesterling: Are these non-tuition based after school clubs? Has there been interest in the paid ones?

A from Sean Leverty: Yes, these after school clubs would be free for students. As far as tuition-based classes, we had 25 students for the self-defense class, No Go Yell Tell. We also have the drama group [on Wednesdays], we have the morning Play Fit Fun [on Thursdays]. We offered Spanish and French last year, but interest dwindled…it really depends on what it is.

I also want to follow-up about the bussing changes: Each year the district looks at bussing across the district and whether it’s going to change routes. They are directed to do this by the state. One of our bus routes will be going away this fall. It affects students who live between Garden Home Rd. and Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, children who live within 1 mile. As we prepare for it, we’ll be meeting with Washington County Safe Walks to School and our School Safety Committee, but we’ll also be arranging a meeting with the admin from Transportation who will be able to answer questions from parents. It’s about 72 kids who will be impacted by this change. There are people who have stepped up and said they’d help to set up safe walking routes, crossing guards, walking school bus, etc. Renn Sanderman has stepped up to help with this.

Our Leadership Committee is going to Ridgewood Elementary – a PYP (Primary Years Programming) School. We as a school decided that we would take a look at that program, so we’ll be going out to this school to see if it’s something we’d like to do at our school, to see what PYP looks like in action. It would be a change for the teachers in how and what they teach. PYP is an International Baccalaureate Model…they use language and learning profiles that would be implemented in the elementary years would be mirrored in High school IB classes.



Amanda Elliott, Teacher Liason:

Thank you as always…I don’t have anything to report.


Wendy Rutis for Jessica Fryer, Vice President:

Spring Fling/Book Fair: Spring Fling date is March 20 at the school. It’s a free family function, and there will be raffle tickets for items. Tickets will be $1. Scholastic book fair will also be there. There will be snacks to purchase, two photo booths, a cake walk, a tattoo station, raffle baskets, teacher time raffles and sign-ups for the Almost All Night Party. A volunteer request will go out soon for parent help for the night of. We’ll also be sending out another teacher-time request, this one electronic, and also hoping the teachers will donate the "(Almost) All Night Party" again - it is a huge contributor/popular item. [Amanda confirmed yes on this, Jessica Fryer to follow-up]

Battle of The Books committee: Montclair Book Battles are over, it was a huge success - the battles were fun and the students had fantastic attitudes. The Fourth grade team "The Fabulous Five" won and will be proceeding to Regionals on March 7th.

The committee also requests up to $75 for medals honoring the three grade level finishing teams of the OBOB battles.  The PTO reimbursed funding for the medals last year so they hope they will be donated by PTO this year. Can we fund this?

Cindy Badon and Kelley Stine approved up to $75 for medals for top 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teammates.

Thank you! OBOB coordinators will officially request that medals be added into the2015-2016 budget.

Nomination Committee: Jessica, Wendy Pringle and hopefully someone here tonight will make up a committee that will start looking for a replacement for the open position of President. The Open Position of volunteer Coordinator has a nominee, so we are only looking for a President at this time. CarolAnne volunteers to be on the committee. The committee will hold “meetings” via email.


Ali Van Camp, Volunteer Coordinator:

Our Annual Auction is on Saturday, April 25 from 6-11pm at the Multnomah Arts Center. Ticket prices will be available soon. Koi Fusion food truck will be there for 3 hours. We got the auction software paid for and up. We have names down for almost all committee members. Theme is Portland Weird.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

 Clothes Closet – March 4. We have the morning and late morning shifts filled, but the 2-4:15 rage we have no one…It’s a great cause and it’s only once a year. The Beaverton Clothes closet is for families in need in the district with school-aged children. The volunteering consists of sorting clothes or helping families pick out clothes. I will send out another email to try to fill that last shift of 2-3 people.

Hearing Screening for 1st , 3rd and 5th – The screening is in the morning on March 30. We’ll need couple volunteers for the morning.

Alice Murphy volunteered. Thank you, Alice!


Kelley Stine, Treasurer:

Budget sheet was presented. Budget is attached to minutes.

Scrip is going along good. We could boost up the Fred Meyer Rewards, I was thinking about doing a flyer to walk people through it?

Yearbook update: This year we are doing a color yearbook. Our budget is $600 and the printer is offering to donate $700 in printing – total cost will be $1400. To offset that last $100, we’re going to be selling ads (3.75” x 1.5”) – $12 an ad – 12 on a page. It was suggested that the ads be offered to parents first before businesses, specifically 5th grade parents.

We’re going to do a contest for art for the front of the yearbook. They’ll be due in the school office by March 20 – they will be voted on by the students at the Spring Fling.


Open Comments:


Ali Van Camp: I have a question about the bus thing. Is the rec center within a mile? Would that affect the students who go to the Rec Center?

Sean Leverty: We don’t know. There are approx. 33 kids who go to the rec center. The rec center probably isn’t included. That’s why Jane is coming to meet with the parents. We’ll find out then.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.




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