Montclair PTO Meeting Minutes – 7:00 pm – February 18, 2016

Location: Montclair library

Called to order by PTO President Cindy Badon at 7:01 pm.


Motion from Cindy Badon: Approve Meeting Minutes from January 2016

Vote: All in favor

Resolved: Motion carried; Meeting Minutes from January 2016 were approved

Minutes are posted in the hallway a few days after the meeting and on the website


Sean Leverty:


Conferences are coming up on March 2 & 3. If you don’t have a conference scheduled, please contact your student’s teacher.

This week the 2nd and 4th graders are doing the CogAT screening test to identify TAG students. If you score high enough, students take the full test.

Comment from Amanda Elliott: There are three sections, analogy, math, pattern section. It’s timed, it’s just one test, it’s not a test that you should worry about.

Yes, it’s just a metric and there are other ways to indicate TAG selection.

Background checks: I want to encouraging community members, grandparents, friends, etc., it’s important that they do the background check in advance before they come to the building. There is some confusion around whether people need the background check if they are visiting or sitting in the classroom vs. volunteering, but the district would like everyone who comes in the building, that is around children, to have a background check.

Q from Ali: Even people who are just here to just visit or watch their kid at an event or have lunch?

A from Sean Leverty: The district says that if people are coming in contact with kids, they need to have a background check. If someone hasn’t passed the background check, but wants to come in the building, I would be in touch with Safety and we’d go from there. In the last two years, the district has been beefing up our processes for dealing with safety.

If you are moving…you will want to make sure to update your address even if you are moving out of the boundary. It’s important as a safety mechanism if we have to contact a parent. We need updated information. Sometimes people don’t update their new address with the office because the worry is that if you move out of the area, you’d have to move schools. But usually, if you started the school year here, the last thing we want to do is disrupt the learning environment for your child, and I would likely ask for a transfer for your student so they can stay. If you move, update the office with your new address.

The Lisa Carlson Foundation (Lisa Carlson is a former Montclair teacher) has asked if we have projects for their group to come and do volunteer work at the school. One project we had in mind is spreading wood chips around the track. The district will provide the wood chips this spring, I would like to see a volunteer group to spread those…even if that organization doesn’t end up doing it, perhaps we can put together parent volunteers.


Amanda Elliott, Teacher Liason:

Almost All Night Party. We just don’t have that date yet. The teachers who are running it can’t easily plan a date this early, but it will most likely be at the beginning of June, before school gets out. We should have the date by the auction. You can sign up in the office.

Anne Duncan, who meets with the 5th grade kids to do morning announcements, they’ll be reminding the kids that we have ducks and birds, this is their habitat too, and want to mention to kids not to disturb the ducks. Also, when you drive down Vermont, watch for ducks.


Guest – Linda Cohen:

Past parent. Was a stay at home mom, has written a book and has become a speaker. Created a workshop called, Just a Mom? No Way. March 4 at Jade River Health Center, across from Raleigh Hills New Seasons. Flyers and info were provided. More information at


Kelley Stine, Treasurer:

Budget was presented and is attached.

We do expect to make more from the winter fundraiser as people continue to sign up for the Almost All Night Party. You can sign up for that now, at the auction, and before the event, and the money raised will go to the It’s Snowing Hawkeyes funds.

There were questions about the Square, we took credit cards at the fundraiser. The total fee was $38.40…a little less than 3%.

Scholastic – We sold over $7600 worth of books. With bonuses for selling so much, we earned $4148.79 in Scholastic Dollars at the Fair this year. We were able to get all the books the teachers wanted. It was very great. Thanks to Steph Solano and Tara Hipps for coordinating the Scholastic Book Fair.


Cindy Badon on behalf of Robynn Schillace:

Thanks everyone who volunteered, both parents and the middle school and high schoolers, for the Winter Event, It’s Snowing Hawkeyes! With your help it was a big success.  

We received notice that the Campbell’s Labels for Education program is being discontinued. PLEASE SEND ALL LABELS for EDUCATION as soon as possible. We will send them in and redeem our rewards while we still can. BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION is still going strong. Please keep sending in your box tops and earning $$$ for the kids. Students earn a Hawkeye when they bring in box tops! Thanks


Ali Van Camp, Volunteer Coordinator:

Clothes Closet:

Wednesday, April 13 is our Clothes Closet date. We will need volunteers throughout the day from 9-4, two different shifts. It’s a great program that provides clothing, shoes, etc. for low income families in the Beaverton School District community.

Volunteer Software:

We don’t know when we are going to transition to the new volunteer software. We hope to send those out to volunteers from the PTO email account or Help Counter. The software is good compared to what we use now.

Auction Update:

Procurement letters have gone out. We did a two sided donation form, one side is the donation form, the other side we did a corporate sponsorship sheet.  In a couple weeks we will be reaching out to people who would like to volunteer to procure items.


Food is Koi Fusion again this year. We’ll be using the same area as last year (Multnomah Arts Center) and expanding into the gym as well.

Q from Cindy: Will a flyer go home to parents requesting donations?

A from Ali: I’m not sure. We will start soon with a save the date reminders for sure.


Q from Kylee: Will we have class art projects this year again?

A from Ali: Yes! We will absolutely have that this year.

Cindy Badon, President:

Still looking in to the Nike match. There is a “Montclair Elementary” listed, but we haven’t received the money it goes into a district account. We need to look into getting Montclair PTO listed



Comment from Cindy Badon:

Thank you so much for coming tonight.

I would like to put a plea out there. As we need to replace all the board positions this year, one of our hopes is to expand the board. I would encourage you to think about whether you can join the board next year.

The approximate hours are:

President: 5-10 hours a month

Vice President: 5-10 hours a month

Secretary: 10 hours a month

Volunteer Coordinator: 10 hours

Treasurer: 15-20 hours per month

You can do most of the positions even if you have a full time job, if you can never be in the building…most of the positions are very flexible. Next month we will nominate people for the open positions. If you are interested get in touch with Cindy or email

Comment from Sean Leverty:

It’s a noble responsibility as a community member to sit on the PTO Board. We are stewards of every child. I think the work we all do together sets a tone for their education and their future.

Meeting adjorned at 7:42 pm



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