Montclair PTO Meeting Minutes – 7:00 pm – January 15, 2015

 Location: Montclair library

Called to order by PTO President Cindy Badon at 7:03 pm. Thank you for coming!

Notes from November were approved.

Minutes are posted in the hallway a few days after the meeting, on the website, and linked on our Facebook page.


Mr. Leverty Principal’s Message:


We have our portables! We got them on Monday. We had a ribbon cutting ceremony and all the kids were very excited. We got our library back too.


The other wonderful news is additional allocation for our half day kindergarten. We were faced with 27 to 32 students after winter break.  I wrote a letter to Dr. Mead and asked if we could have relief from overcrowded class size. He told us that we can split the half day kinder class into an AM and PM program. Mrs. Darby will teach both classes.


Q from Wendy Pringle: Will teacher Tim stay in there as an aide?

A from Mr. Leverty: I’m not sure, since Mrs. Ferraro’s class is now the largest. The aides will float.


I put out a call about after school programing. I have a few teachers who are interested and one other person so that committee will meet soon so we can see what that might look like in terms of logistics so when we’re ready, we can ask people what kids of after school programs they’d be interested in. Funding for buses is an issue as we want this to be an equitable opportunity for all students. That’s a large cost.


On the 26th is a staff development day. Common Core Reading Standards is our focus for that day.  Teachers will be working on text structures and continuing work to better ourselves so we can make the content more understandable for kids in the long run.

Smarter Balance assessment…The teachers will also work on how we might have to change some of our practices. The Smarter Balance tests will be a much better determination of what our students can do, but it will challenge them in a way that they haven’t been challenged before. One of the differences is the students will have to type their answers. But we’ve been working on typing with the students for a few years.

The Jr. Girl Scout troop will be doing a Food Drive February 2-6 to benefit Oregon Food Bank.


Amanda Elliott, Teacher Liason:

Thank you for everything. We’re excited to see the portable in! I don’t have anything else to report.


Jessica Fryer, Vice President:

Mrs. Terada asked me to point out this cart of books that we purchased with PTO funds. Many of the books were recommended by students. She was so pleased today and is very grateful for the PTO and the parents and families that make the funds possible. THANK YOU!

I’ll be putting together the committee for nominating people for next year’s open board positions. If you’re interested in joining the committee, or interested in board positions, please contact Jessica Fryer at:

Spring Fling date is March 20 at the school. It’s a free family function, but there will be raffle tickets for items. Scholastic book fair headed up by Steph Solano will also be there. There may or may not be food for sale like last year.

We’ll do one more Dough for Dollars at Pizzicato, sometime in the Spring.

Robert Van Camp will be heading our auction. It’s going to happen and it’s going to be great! It will be in the spring, probably in May.

Scrip is due this Friday. Thank you Teri Holliday for heading this up!

Donuts for Dads made $410, after costs!


 Ali Van Camp, Volunteer Coordinator:

We have some opportunities for heading up some of the activities for the rest of the year:

·         Muffins for Moms: (May 7) is covered as far as coordinator but they will need helpers.

·         Donuts for Dads 2: We want to do that later on this spring, the date is open and we’d like someone to chair that and we have all the info on how to run it.

·         Clothes Closet Volunteers: (March 4) Each school in the district supplies volunteers one day per school year, and our day is March 4. I’ll be sending a call out for volunteers to take shifts for that.

·         Staff Appreciation Lunches Coordinator: Once a week for the last 6 weeks in the year, each grade provides lunch for the teachers and staff. We need someone to oversee all those weeks and the people who will be providing the meals. It’s often themed, potluck, or not.

·         Auction committee: The Auction Committee will be forming soon, we’re getting there and will let everyone know when we need volunteers for the planning. We’ll also need volunteers for the auction night of.  We’re pushing it out until probably May.


Comment from Cindy Badon: Carolanne Tsai has offered to fill out the vacant second unexpired Volunteer Coordinator position for the rest of the year. I am nominating her into the unexpired term.

Motion seconded.

Vote passed by a majority vote of attendees.

Carolanne Tsai is now our second Volunteer Coordinator for the unexpired term 2014-15.


Kelley Stine, Treasurer:

Budget sheet was presented. Budget is attached to minutes.


Request from Jessica Fryer: When the 5th graders were on the stage, Ms. Fidler was hauling water in and out of class, and she asked for a water cooler for the portable. There is not running water in the portable. Maintenance used to pay for it, but that did get cut. We have some different quotes from water companies – ranging between $7-15 per month. We can buy a dispenser and supply the water jugs or we can have a service come out.

Motion to spend PTO dollars on a water cooler service for the portables.

Motion seconded.

Vote passed by a majority vote of attendees.

Jessica Fryer will facilitate this.


Open Comments:


Renn: What do we do for Earth Day?

Answer: Nothing. If you’re interested in it, you can think about doing something.

Start small, in one grade level, or…?

One of the after school clubs was environmental, so maybe that’s an option?

Composting? Maybe with the new garden that’s being put in?

Comment from Amanda Elliott regarding school garden: We did get a grant for the garden, we’re pushing it to March, David McKay and Andrea Burke are joining the effort. We have an informal gardening committee, if anyone is interested – contact a 2nd grade teacher.


Q from Cindy Badon: How is the after school care going?

A from Sean Leverty: It only has 5 students, but it is still running. They gave it a few months even though they didn’t have enough…but they do need more students. They would like 8. We will hang on until September hopefully and put something in the Hawkeye soon to let people know about it.


Q from Meera Coilparampil: What the Welcome Center you mentioned today in the Hawkeye?

A from Sean Leverty: It’s a district office where they support non-English speaking families, community members and staff. I think also they provide interpreters for the district.


Q from Meera Coilparampil: I noticed we used to have Class parents listed as a volunteer job, but I’ve never seen anyone do it?

A from …: It’s not something we’ve been doing, but maybe it’s something that we should look at? Perhaps we start in one grade? See if there are teachers who need it?


Comment from Ross Bradshaw: Just something to think about communication…not all parents have email, but not all parents do Facebook either, so if you communicate only that way, some parents might not see it.


Q from Meera Coilparampil: If there are volunteer opportunities that you have to pay, like field trips, we should separate those into just volunteer opportunities.

A from …: This is a teacher issue. Perhaps someone can communicate with teachers that the PTO does have extra funds for field trip scholarships that could be used for parent chaperones.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:06pm.


Cindy Badon*

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Renn Sanderman

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