Montclair PTO Meeting Minutes – 7:00 pm – January 21, 2016

Location: Montclair library

Called to order by PTO President Cindy Badon at 7:00 pm.

Motion from Cindy Badon: Approve Meeting Minutes from November 2015

Vote: All in favor

Resolved: Motion carried; Meeting Minutes from November 2015 were approved

Minutes are posted in the hallway a few days after the meeting and on the website

Sean Leverty:


Happy New Year. We just hosted our first Future Ready Partnership Group meeting (included Jo Fidler and Community Partnership Team). We discussed what it means to be future ready. How do we set our kids up for success as far as digital deployment, digital citizenship, digital literacy? My hope is that we would have some recommendations from the PTO as far as technology purchases.

Today Jo and her team unpacked all the devices from the district. We have 1 to 1 devices for 4th and 5th grade students (Chromebooks). We have 4 to 1 devices for 3rd grade (Chromebooks). K-2 we’re staying with iPads. Their ratio varies depending on the size of the class. At the beginning of the year we got a set of ipads that we gave to the kindergarten. We got carts with the Chromebooks as well. They’ll be in the classroom as soon as possible.

If anyone knows of anyone who has a Kinder next fall, please direct them to the school office. We are starting to get out info packets. Please let them know. Many of our incoming parents with future Kinders should come in now. March 10 is Kinder orientation. We’d love to have them enrolled by then, so it’s important to work as a community to usher in the new Kinder parents. I’ll also be chatting with the board so we can welcome them at that. Karen has informational flyers.

National Kindness week is next week. This week on Tuesday we had an assembly that focused on kindness.

Boundaries…it’s imperative as a community that we get involved and be a part of the conversation. It will impact every school. The Boundary changing committee is going through the process of moving high school boundaries…they’ve been working on it for several months. Tonight they are meeting for a listening session for the public, another on February 18 at Five Oaks. There is also a website that you can get to it from the Beaverton School website. The process isn’t done, but it is a very complex process. I would encourage that if you are really passionate about this community, that you voice your concerns and make yourself heard. In March they will make the recommendation to Dr. Rose. After they do the high school boundary, they will be working soon on the elementary boundary changes.

Every elementary school will be impacted by boundary changes. We are currently at capacity. We have 3 classrooms at every level.


Amanda Elliott, Teacher Liason:

Thank you as usual.

I’d like to suggest that teachers send photos to the yearbook team – Robynn Schillace, Kelley Stine and Stacy Chase.   


Stacy Rains Kerwood, Vice President:

We were very successful with our dining out night at Bambuza on January 13. It was well attended, they gave us 50% of sales that day. They donated $990. We’re hoping be able to do it twice a year.

If any other PTO member wants to get a Food Handlers Card, they are welcome to get that so we can have more people who can serve food at events.


Ali Van Camp, Volunteer Coordinator:

New Volunteer Software: Every school is going to use the same volunteer software, Better Impact. You’ll see all of your schools on the welcome page. We will roll it out before the end of the year. We cannot add volunteers to this new software. You will be responsible for filling out an electronic form, the background check is integrated – and you’ll have to redo that every two years. You sign up for your interests, such as Art Lit, Fun Run, Classroom help, it will all be online now. The email sent through the system to parents should be better, hopefully landing less in Spam folders.

We’ll be sending out emails in the next few months so people can sign up with the new software. It will record volunteer hours better than Help Counter does and will report that to the district.

Probably Field Day will be the first event we will use the new software.

Q from Amanda: If we have a sporadic volunteer, will they know about this new system?

A from Ali: We will be notifying everyone who is in HelpCounter about the new sign up…they’ll be responsible for signing themselves up in the new software.


CarolAnne Tsai, Volunteer Coordinator:

We still need volunteers for It’s Snowing Hawkeyes. You can log in to HelpCounter and check out what’s open still. We need help with running lots of games, so if you have a friend who wants to sign up with you, that would be great! You can always email us ( and we can sign you up manually for any shift.

We have most shifts covered for the Scholastic Book Fair, thank you!


Kelley Stine, Treasurer:

Budget was presented and is attached.

We are looking good. The teachers have funds left. They get notified each month how much they have left to spend.

Comment from Wendy Pringle: David McKay – approached Wendy Pringle regarding new speakers for the gym. He asked if this year or next year we could get some new speakers. Cindy Badon will email him regarding his thoughts and the budget.


Cindy Badon, President:

Every year or two the PTO looks for energetic, diverse board members to fill the positions. We are looking for some new members for the 2016-17 school year as many of the positions will be vacant. Ideally we could have a board member from every grade, a different part of the community….

Open Q & A Discussion:

What are some ways to reach out to find some new board members?

For new families, how do you get your information about Montclair:

·         emails from Karen, volunteer requests from HelpCounter

·         If there are attachments in emails from Karen, sometimes people can’t/don’t open.

·         Paper flyers that come home in backpacks

What kinds of hurdles might prevent you from to joining the PTO?:

·         Nice to know the estimate of time per week for each position?

·         How much time during the work day do you need to spend?

·         Some people don’t realize you don’t have to be at school all the time to be on the board

·         Send flyer with job description home so people are informed of what positions look like

How do we break through the “Someone else will take care of it… mindset”

·         Use the Facebook page to advertise our positions

·         Communicate that your students benefit so much from events and funding…can you step up?

·         Let them know what the PTO does, where money goes

·         How many volunteer hours we have in our school…there is a lot of community support

·         Special flyer for Kinder parents, maybe to hand out at conferences, ALSO for Kinder orientation to set up at Q and A for parents…possibly before the PTO meeting in April

·         Ask the parent community: Do you have special skills that come in handy with each position?

·         You don’t have to do everything! You can delegate.

We are working to come up with our Board nominations. We need to have nominations in March, vote in April, installation in May.


Robynn Schillace, It’s Snowing Hawkeyes event chair:

One of the things we’ve had at the raffle is an iPad mini. Is it still an iPad mini? Or is it something different?

We have 11 teacher times, we have a teacher mascot contest…we have some other prizes, a Starbucks basket and a movie basket. We’re getting some star wars stuff…we have Oregon Ducks stuff and Oregon State Beavers stuff…

You can buy raffle tickets. They are $1 each, or 25 for $20. We’ll be doing the raffle a little earlier, not be the last thing. After the raffle, we’ll have a group dance to try to eliminate kids who didn’t win any prizes from going home sad.

We’ll also have sign-ups for Party Like the Big Kids for k-1 (limit 20 kids, pizza, games…5-8 pm date TBD in late May/early June, $25 per kid), Almost All Night Party for grades 2-5 (pizza, dessert, games…5-10pm, date TBD in late May/early June, $25 per child, $20 each additional child). You’ll be able to sign up to sponsor a child.

There will be free games (winter wall, snowball toss, photo booth, shoveling snowballs, tattoos, crafts, etc.)

Scholastic Book Fair will here, cake walk, snacks to purchase with raffle tickets…

They can earn white Hawkeyes at the event. These won’t go into the classrooms…they’ll be used at the event.


Robert Van Camp, Auction Co-Chair:

We are having our 3rd annual offsite, adults only auction at the Multnomah Arts Center on April 16, 2016. Theme is Straight Outta Portland…come dressed as your favorite Portlander.

Next week we will start asking for donations for our auction. We’ll be reaching out for corporate donations, personal donations…beach houses, big ticket items. It will be very fun!

Q: Is it for couples only?

A: No! It’s just adults only, no kids.



Q: When is Morning with Moms and Those Who Love Me?

A: Friday, Mary 6, 7-8am. Morning with Moms – Students come in with their moms, the dads volunteer and serve morning snacks and coffee. Suggested donation of $1 per person.


Comment from Rick, Community Member: There is a trail at the end of Vermont that connects OES with the Montclair Field. It’s full of weeds and I’d like it to be maintained by someone and have the PTO send a letter. Cindy will connect with him.

Meeting adjorned at 8:15 pm




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