Montclair PTO Meeting Minutes – 7:00 pm – March 19, 2015


Location: Montclair cafeteria

Called to order by PTO President Cindy Badon at 7:07 pm.

Notes from February were approved.

Minutes are posted in the hallway a few days after the meeting, on the website, and linked on our Facebook page.


Mr. Leverty Principal’s Message:

 If you haven’t reached out to your legislators already, funding for 2015-16 school year in Beaverton may be cut at the state level. We assumed that we would be getting 7.5 billion dollars to budget with…which means we would be moving forward instead of staying stagnant.

Beaverton is looking at a 7.2 billion, which means a deficit from the year before…as a district, we now need to bring in full time Kinder teachers, which wasn’t funded in the past as in previous years it was tuition based, so this will cut into the smaller budget also.

We’ve done so well bringing back teachers who have been layed off, we are a premier district in our state, so we need to continue to grow. With our 7.5 billion budget, we are looking at doing some innovative things, it would be a shame to have to go back to the drawing board.

If you can, please phone or email your legislature to not cut our school budget.

Comment from Wendy Pringle – we reached out and wrote a letter about our story of when the class sizes were very large.

The School board was going to vote a week and a half ago, but because of teachers, parents who have come forward, they have been having listening sessions…so they have delayed the vote. Not sure when it will take place.

              Q: Can we send out the list of legislators who parents should email?

Comment from Cindy Badon – we should do a grass roots with parents to write our legislators regarding this issue, perhaps after Spring Break. We could post it on our PTO Facebook page (Secretary Note: The PTO or its' officers cannot do this according to our bylaws).

Q for Sean: How many teachers are allocated for next year?

A from Sean: Because we haven’t voted on it yet, I can’t say yet. Ideally we would like to have the same amount of teachers we have now.


Cindy Badon, President:

I want to thank each and every one of you for coming tonight. It’s really nice to have some parents represent the school. We know you have a lot to do, and it’s late, but thank you for coming and supporting us.


Amanda Elliott, Teacher Liason:


Thank you as always. Everything is going very well.

Comment from Cindy Badon: We want to thank Amanda for hosting the Almost All Night Party again this year with help from 4 other teachers! Thank you!

Susie will head Party Like A Big Kid.


Jessica Fryer, Vice President:

Spring Fling:

Thank you for the Almost All Night Party and Party Like A Big Kid donated from the teachers! They are the bulk of our Spring Fling fundraiser. It takes five teachers’ time – 5 hours – and we thank you SO much…giving up that much time is big and the kids love it so much.

 Spring Fling is tomorrow…less than 24 hours. We have quite a few baskets donated, many teacher times donated, we have extra people selling tickets this year. We didn’t do presales this year, but we will open the lines 30 minutes early. Every volunteer position is filled!! This is amazing.

 Nominating Committee:

We had a nominating committee to find a new president for next year, but Cindy Badon has agreed to stay on one more year! So we don’t have to fill that position now.

 Auction Grade Level Art:

Art Grade level projects for the auction are coming along. I have volunteers to head up most grades but grade 1 and 4 have no parent volunteers to head their class projects. If you know any one, please have them contact me. It doesn’t have to be a huge project, it just needs to be either 1 for each classroom or 1 large grade project. We earn more money with the three projects, but one is totally fine.


               We have asked many parents directly already, but will send out an email during Spring Break to all parents in those two grades to ask for someone to step up to volunteer for these two things. If no one steps up, a parent from another grade may come forward to help out.


Ali Van Camp, Volunteer Coordinator:


Auction planning is coming along, we are focusing on procurement. We have a short auction meeting after this meeting.

Tickets on sale on March 30th. We’ll be taking credit cards through the auction software this year. It will make checkout smoother. Tickets will be $25 per person.

The procurement is slow going. We still need to get some stuff. The Portland Weird theme is going to be fun. We’ll have beer and wine, but we’ll also have a bartender there serving two signature cocktails – the East Side and West Side.


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

Hearing screening is coming up. We need 3-4 people total…I’ll send another call out.

Everything is on task for Morning with Mom on May 7.

I haven’t put a call out for the 2nd Donuts for Dads. We’ve had no one offer to run it.

Jessica motions that we don’t do the second Donuts for Dads. Partly because we have so many events coming up and the first one was fantastically successful.

Ross Bradshaw seconded the motion. We will not be doing a second Donuts for Dads.

Dads who missed Donuts for Dads are welcome to come to Morning with Moms.


Kelley Stine, Treasurer:

 We’re in the hole for the spring fling and the auction because we’ve had some pre-cost for those events and they haven’t happened yet. But otherwise, we’re on track.

Q from Wendy Rutis: Mrs. Vazquez and Mrs. Terada approached me regarding playground equipment for recess. May of our items are old and worn out and they’d like to get some replacement and new equipment. She wanted to know if there was a line item for it?

 A from Board: The recess/playground equipment is included in the PE line item.  

(Secretary Note: We will bring the request to split out the PE and Recess funds to our Budget Committee in the Spring – the PE equipment and recess equipment are kept separate and therefore should most likely be separated on the budget.)

 Q from Wendy Rutis: Mrs. Vazquez requests that she save her budgeted tech money for next year due to some long range technology planning (circuitry kit for coding and engineering and a chrome book cart). She wonders if we can rollover our funding for next year?

A from Kelley Stine: We need to research, as we don’t roll over funds, and we’d like a written plan of what she plans to purchase and it will be like creating a technology reserve. As long as there is a written plan and approved by the board, we should take it out of the budget and hold it in a tech reserve fund, that sounds like something we can do.

Comment from Sean Leverty: Dollar wise she’s looking at, the $3200 or $4800 electronics kit, and 20 chrome books at $200 each.

Comment: Maybe we can create a “tech fund” and for the auction or the Fun Run…so people can really see what their money goes to specifically when it comes to technology.

Kelley Stine will communicate with Mrs. Vasquez regarding recess equipment and technology requests.


Our next project is paving stepping stones for the new garden. We’ve hired a professional to make sure we do it right. She knows what she is doing and works with non-toxic materials. We’ve talked with Sean and the teachers know about it. There will be 1 week of clay in the classroom. She’ll help us fire it. Then the next week we’ll pour cement. They are supposed to last a long time. Every student will be working on a stone – 3-5 kids will help make each stone. The stones will go in the new garden.

It’s covered in the art lit budget. We saved a lot of money doing smaller projects so we had the funds to do this.


Comment from Cindy Badon: a lot of people don’t know that the art lit program is funded by the PTO. It might be nice to let parents know that the PTO funds these very valuable programs, the school isn’t funding it.

Q from Renn Sanderman: Can we dedicate these by the 22 of April for an Earth Day event?

 Comment from Wendy Pringle: I’m not sure we’ll be able to install them by then. They will be completed by then. Staring week of April 6-10, concrete is April 13-17. The concrete will be poured and sitting and curing on the stage…we need a lot of parent volunteers for those two weeks.

 Comment from Renn Sanderman: Might we be able to set them up so people can look at them? Sean asked Renn to come in and meet with him regarding this.


Yearbook update:

A very generous printer is donating $700 in  printing, so when added to our fund, we’ll print it in color this year. We are selling ads to make up for the cost. Ads are open to 5th grade parents now, but will open up to the whole school after spring break.

We are doing a yearbook cover design contest which will be open to everyone and the new deadline will be April 17.


Open Comments:

 Teacher Appreciation Lunches: Wendy Pringle is heading up the Teacher appreciation Luncheons. She’s talking with Karen about dates for that.

Comment from Amanda: The teachers appreciate it so much! It’s always fun to have the parents and lunches. It bring the whole staff together and it’s great.

Comment from Jackie Wisher: I wonder if we can organize an all school ice skate party for the Sunday at the end of spring break? If we get 15 or more people, it’s $10 to skate per person.

Cindy recommends that the parents need a month notice. Facebook is a great way to reach the families.

Sean and Cindy think Sunday of Spring Break is too early, but if she wants to plan something, she should.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.





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