Montclair PTO Meeting Minutes – 7:00 pm – May 21, 2015

Location: Montclair library

Called to order by PTO President Cindy Badon at 7:04 pm.

Motion from Cindy Badon: Approve Meeting Minutes from April 2015

Vote: All in favor

Resolved: Motion carried; Meeting Minutes from April were approved

Minutes are posted in the hallway a few days after the meeting, on the website, and linked on our Facebook page.


Mr. Leverty Principal’s Message:

Are there any questions about staffing? I’m not going to put up a list of who is going to be where in the fall, as things do change over the summer. There are a lot of positions available in the district, so there might be movement in the district, so I hesitate to say, but we did notify staff of the staffing positions that are tentatively set for next year.

Q from Ali Van Camp: How many kinder classes will we have?

A from Sean Leverty: 3 full day kinder classes. They will have the option to have half day, and would leave at 11am, but we do suggest full day. Because we only have 2 classrooms, we are purchasing all new furniture for the new 3rd kinder classroom.


Q from Cindy Badon: I remember you mentioning earlier in the year that people outside our boundary, but in the district, could come to Montclair as we had room. Is there no option to come in to our school now if you live out of the boundary?

A from Sean Leverty: We do have room, but the other school needs to release their students for them to be able to come to Montclair.

Karen is going to a Student Body Account Training tomorrow and there is a training in June for the President and Treasurer.

We received some funding from GainShare (corporate property taxes from Washington County). When we have testing going on, which goes on for many weeks, the tech lab is shut down when the other kids were testing, it’s not ideal. All principals have voiced concerns that we need more technology…we have been heard, so next year: all buildings who got additional classrooms (which we did - 3) will be getting new technology. We will be getting iPads for our kinder classrooms (20 to split between 3 classrooms) and we’re going to get 60 ChromeBooks.

There is one caveat, there is a FutureReady Program – we applied for it, it’s a grant, so if we get that grant, we will not get the items I just mentioned, but we would get grant money and will still be able to buy the same items with the funding.


Amanda Elliott, Teacher Liason:

Thank you all for all you’ve done this year. It’s been a great year, thank you for all you do!

Comment from Cindy Badon: The Almost All Night Party is such a big part of our fundraising for the year, thank you for hosting it!

I also want to thank everyone who volunteered for the stepping stones. The garden is amazing and the stones are so awesome!


Jessica Fryer, Vice President:

Our fundraising goals will probably be very similar for next year. I’ll have goals at the first PTO meeting in the fall, but I do know that we’re looking at 3 fundraising events again, but spaced out a little better next year – Fun Run, Winter/Spring Fling, Auction.

Motion from Jessica Fryer: Vote in CarolAnne Tsai for Co-Volunteer Coordinator for 2015-16

Vote: All in favor

               Resolved: Motion carried; CarolAnne Tsai is Co-Volunteer Coordinator 2015-16.

Thanks to Meera C., Steph S., Wendy R. and myself, Red-Tailed Reader posters will be up next week!


Ali Van Camp, Volunteer Coordinator:

Auction next year, there will be 4 chairs – Robert Van Camp and Ali Van Camp, and 2 others will be co- chairs, Courtney Cronk and Tracy Meurisse.

We netted over $23,000 at the auction. We still need to talk about the final numbers.

Q from Wendy Pringle: Do you have a letter for the companies who donated?

A from Ali Van Camp: Kelley and I were talking about that, so we probably will. I need to talk to Robert about it so we can write that and include a final numbers.

Comment from Ross Bradshaw: We should do a list of donors to present to the parents so they can support those businesses.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

Field Day is Wednesday, June 10 – I got info from Mr. McKay regarding Field Day. We will need volunteers so will be sending out emails for that.



Kelley Stine, Treasurer:

The budget committee met and came up with the budget. We had the proposed budget, but due to the allocations we’ll be getting for the technology – either from GainShare or the Future Ready Grant, we might need to tweak it?


Comment from Amanda Elliott: If we are tweaking the budget, Mr. McKay said that the kiln needs to be fixed…

Comment from Sean Leverty: It works efficiently for the small projects, so I’d say we delay that.

              Q from Ross Bradshaw: How is the budget determined?

A from Kelley Stine: We base the budget on the actual money we bring in the year before.


Perhaps we don’t need to give Technology as much money since we’re getting the technology? Some of the budgeted money was to go to ChromeBooks, but since we are getting them now, Mrs. Vazquez won’t need all those funds that we earmarked for them.

Sean Leverty: One thing Mrs. Vazquez wants to buy is an engineering kit, so she will still need money next year.

In case there are hidden costs with our new technology (such as software licenses, apps, carts, cases, etc.) from GainShare or FutureReady grant in the Fall, it’s decided that we keep the proposed budget.

Motion from Cindy Badon: Approve proposed budget for 2015-16

Vote: All in favor

Resolved: Motion carried; Budget for 2015-16 have been approved as presented at PTO meeting


Meeting adjorned at 8:12 pm


Cindy Badon*

Wendy Rutis*

Jessica Fryer*

Kelley Stine*

Ali Van Camp*

CarolAnne Tsai*

Sean Leverty+

Amanda Elliott+

Wendy Pringle

Teri Holliday

Ross Bradshaw

Renn Sanderman


   * PTO board members

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