Montclair PTO Meeting Minutes

7:00 pm – October 15, 2015

Location: Montclair library

Called to order by PTO President Cindy Badon at 7:00 pm.


Motion from Cindy Badon: Approve Meeting Minutes from September 2015

Vote: All in favor

Resolved: Motion carried; Meeting Minutes from September 2015 were approved

Minutes are posted in the hallway a few days after the meeting and on the website

Sean Leverty:

Under the bond that was passed, we’re building a new high school, middle school and new elementary school out in Bethany. You might know that our enrollment has gone from 351 last year to 394. Our district has also increased in enrollment. The challenge is that we have to look at the boundaries and have the opportunity to make class sizes smaller by changing those boundaries. I don’t foresee a big change on our side of the district, but all boundaries will be looked at and we want parents to know that going forward. They will make some decisions by February as they need to get that in place before the school is built. It’s great to reduce class sizes across the district. There are listening sessions that you can go to and voice your opinions. They were still looking for people to be on the boundary change committee. Check the Beaverton School District website.

Open enrollment: When students want to come from a different district into ours.

Open Enrollment is not an option this year for all of the district at the elementary levels. Option schools still have open enrollment.

If you have a 5th grader this year, option school open enrollment starts October 26 for middle school (and high school) – ACMA, ISB, Summa, Raleigh Hills, etc. Deadline to apply for options school is Tuesday Jan 5. (Secretary Note:

We went to a Future Ready summit last week. Staff went to breakout sessions on Friday and Saturday  – learned about how to embed technology at various grade levels and our in our specials (PE, Music, Library, Tech). I saw teachers this week already using some of the technology they learned.

For example, Plickers…Mast-Morris was using a new technology called Plickers. The kids had what looked like designs on paper, like black on white. She asked them questions about what they had learned, they turned the papers a certain way for their answer, A, B, C, D…and she scanned the classroom with her iPhone…and it gives feedback right away. You can see what percentage of the class was correct.

You can follow us on Twitter: @montclair_bsd

Amanda Elliott, Teacher Liaison:

The Fun Run was amazing. Everyone had a blast, it went so smoothly.

I see so many volunteers in the building this year and they are making such a big impact in so many ways.

Stacy Rains Kerwood, Vice President:

I got a food handlers card for the events where we serve food.

Pizzicato night is Tuesday, December 1. Pizzicato donates 20% of the sales that whole day.  Everything counts – food, gift cards, wine, beer. We’ll send an email, put up posters, send out flyers. We can do gift card preorders if we choose to – tried it last year, might do it this year.

We might look in to doing a Burgerville fundraiser night.

Carolanne Tsai, Volunteer Coordinator:

Picture day was today.

I did want to say that everything we’ve posted that we need help for this year, we’ve filled very quickly. It’s been so great. We have every event chaired for the year!

Our next events that will need volunteers are:

Harvest Fest is coming up – Friday, October 23, 6:30-8:00pm.  Volunteer slots on Help Counter are filling up fast! Harvest Fest is a carnival-type event with games and fun for the whole family. They come dressed in non-scary costume (no weapons, hand-held accessories or masks), snacks available for purchase. (Secretary Note: Snacks will not be available for purchase. Free popcorn and water will be available. Students must be accompanied with a parent/guardian.

Donuts for Dads and Those Who Love Them – Thursday, November 5, 7:00-8:00 am – A morning to come with a parent or guardian to have a donut and milk (and coffee for the adults). $1 suggested donation (The companion event Morning with Moms and Those Who Love Me happens in May).

Wendy Rutis, Secretary:

Whitford Haunted House is coming on October 24, 5-9pm. It is open to the public. It costs $5 and is one of their major fundraisers.

The Student Directory was sent out via Karen Waldum in the office. If you didn’t get it, let us know and we’ll email it to you. Karen can also print a copy in the office for those who don’t have access to a printer.

Our website is updated frequently with upcoming events or announcements. Please visit us at . If you need to reach us, please email

Kelley Stine, Treasurer:

Budget was presented and is attached.

As of today, the Fun Run funds are $11,063. The deadline to turn those in is Monday, October 19. There is an incentive to turn them in on time to see which class makes the most money. The class that gets the most money gets a pizza and ice cream party.

We did get our disbursement from Amazon Smile of $280.


 Q: What is the Winter Fundraiser?

A: Winter Fundraiser – History is that the auction used to be a family event, but since we turned that into an adult event, we still wanted to have a kid event. Last year we had an event in the Spring.  It coincides with the Scholastic Book Fair. Usually includes raffle baskets/items, teacher time raffles, sign-up for end-of-year parties, photo booth. Robynn Schillace is in charge this year. The date is February 5, 6:30-8:00 pm.


Sean Leverty:

I wanted to let new parents know of an event that I’m working on with the Community Partnership Committee. New parent Q&A Tuesday, October 20 from 6:30-7:30, at Starbucks in Garden Home. You can bring your kids, there will be hot cocoa.

Ali Van Camp:

I just wanted to mention that Whitford and Beaverton are both part of Future Ready. I think that’s exciting that the technology that is used here will be the same through middle school and high school.

Wendy Rutis:

Oregon Battle of The Books kicks off tomorrow! A statewide voluntary reading motivation and comprehension program for 3rd – 5th graders. They will learn about it in library class this coming week.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm


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