PTO President

  • Presides over meetings
  • Coordinates the work of the organization
  • Appoints officers, chairmen and certain committees
  • Serve as liaison between school staff/principal, families and PTO


  • Schedule all PTO meetings, complete the proper facilities use forms and prepare agendas
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Check the PTO mailbox on a regular basis during the school year
  • Maintain a current roster of PTO board and share this list with the board as well as school secretaries
  • Communicate with and encourage the Board Members
  • Support board members school activities and attend school functions
  • Review the job descriptions and bylaws annually


 PTO Vice President

  • Fill in for the President as needed
  • Serve as a member of the major fundraising committees (i.e. – Auction, Fun Run)
  • Enforce the bylaws
  • Participate in PTO functions


  • Maintain close and frequent communication with the President
  • Assist in helping other committee members as needed
  • Serve as primary liaison between teachers and PTO
  • Oversee the yearly Montclair SpiritWear order
  • Oversee all fundraising activities
  • Set expectations with Montclair community regarding role of the PTO for the school
  • Encourage parent participation and attendance at PTO meetings
  • Sign all checks made from the PTO fund – treasurer to prepare checks for VP to sign


PTO Treasurer

  • Handle the financial business of the PTO
  • Report out at each meeting regarding the budget
  • Assist the PTO volunteer coordinators as needed
  • Participate in PTO functions


  • Maintain close communication with the volunteer coordinators – keeping them updating on spend to date for school programs and activity
  • Prepare reimbursements for costs associated with the PTO
  • Assist other committee members as needed



PTO Secretary

  • Record and disseminate meeting minutes in a timely fashion (to be distributed no more than 2 weeks after the monthly PTO meeting)
  • Attend monthly PTO meetings  


  • Assist other committee members as needed
  • Check, respond to, or forward Montclair PTO email once a week during school year*
  • Update Montclair Facebook page twice a month or more with special event/school reminders*
  • Maintain (or delegate maintenance) Montclair PTO website*
  • Produce monthly PTO newsletter for email and print*

           *added in 2014-15



PTO Volunteer Coordinators (2 person role)

  • Coordinate volunteers for fundraising activities
  • Participate in PTO functions
  • Attend monthly PTO meetings


  • Collate back to school packets to distribute to the students
  • Develop and distribute student directory
  • Assist in planning and executing fundraising events (i.e. – Auction, Fun Run)
  • Spearhead yearbook planning committee 
  • Own back to school coffee program for 1st-5th start, as well as kindergarten start date
  • Coordinate volunteers to help with kindergarten roundup (typically in late Feb/early March)
  • Delegate responsibilities’ for Back to School Night Social