General Volunteer Information

I.D. Badges

Volunteers are required to wear their name badges when in the school during school hours. There are personalized badges for ongoing volunteers. You can sign up for a personalized name badge by the Volunteer Computer in the office and one will be made for you. Otherwise, please wear a non-personalized one.

Signing In & Out

Please sign in and out on the computer in the school office. This is how we know of your presence on the school grounds in case of fire or natural disaster. The District also tracks volunteer trends through the data on this computer.


Volunteer Background Checks

All volunteers must clear the Beaverton School District criminal background check process before volunteering. If you have not already done so, please use this link - https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/volunteer/ The check generally takes 2 weeks to complete. Please abstain from volunteering until this has been done. If you have questions, or if you believe your clearance should have come through but hasn’t, contact the school office who will help figure it out.



When volunteering at the school, you may over hear sensitive information about students and families. Please keep this information confidential by not discussing the information inside or outside of the school (chatting in line at the grocery store, bus stop, sports field, etc.).


Sight & Sound Policy

Beaverton School District policy: “All volunteers shall operate under the direction of a licensed staff member & shall be with in sight and sound of a licensed staff member while working with students.” This policy ensures the safety of children & protects volunteers from liability.


Dependability & Punctuality

Our teachers really depend on us! If you are scheduled to volunteer in a classroom but you are unable to come in or need to come in at a different time, please contact your teacher(s) by phone or email as soon as you know of your change in plans. If you have agreed to help with an event but your plans have changed, please let the event coordinator know asap so that they can find another volunteer.


Miscellaneous reminders

  • Teachers & staff always have priority at the photocopiers.

  • Please use the bathrooms in the staff lounge instead of the student’s bathrooms.

  • When there is a drill for fire, earthquake, lock down, or any other emergency drill, volunteers are expected to follow the instructionsgiven to teachers, staff and students.

  • Please help to keep the workroom tidy by cleaning up after yourself.


THANK YOU for your time & commitment - we could not make this happen without your help!!